Spring Newsletter


Mark your calendars !

  • The Annual Meeting will be Saturday June 4 at the Monument Road Fire Station at 10 A.M. Elections for the Board will be on the agenda for that meeting (or by proxy ballot if not attending the meeting). Trina Britt will run for re-election. Joyce Leath, Kelly Watson and Bonnie Lovejoy will retire from the Board upon the end of their terms on June 30, 2022. Continuing as Board members will be Jeff Kirves, Mark Stubbs and Libby Glosson. 
    • The Board seeks nominees willing to serve two-year terms which begin July 1, 2022.
    • Please consider serving on our board and help make an impact on our community. Submit your name  to our President Jeff Kirves, text him at 770-317-6401 by May 15th.


  • Several volunteer road workers plan to retire at the end of this fiscal year June 30. 2022: Mike Jolly and Kris Lovejoy. Dennis Leath will retire from his many years of being Road Chair, but will still help out with labor.
  • The Board is seeking paid volunteer mowers for Upper Sassafras and the connecting streets, with budget funds to defray the cost of mowing. 
    • Have a lawn mower or tractor with bush hog
    • Like to be outside
    • Like to mow grass
    • Please consider joining our road crew!

Tip for the Spring!

  • Beware of the BEARS!
    • There are steps to take if a bear is hanging out around your house. Learn what to do. Here are some ways to discourage the bear: 
      • From an open window or a safe place on your porch or deck, yell at the bear, bang pots and pans, and do your best to let it know it’s not welcome around your home.
      • Do not let your dog out or let your dog chase the bear. A bear may view a charging dog as aggressive and respond by defending itself or its cubs, which could injure or kill your dog. Or, the bear may climb a tree in your yard to escape and stay there until it feels safe.
      • Teaching bears it’s okay to hang around homes almost always leads to problems for both people and bears. So don’t offer food or encourage it to stay so you can watch and take photos.
    • After the bear leaves, walk around your house and property to figure out what attracted it in the first place. These are just a few of the things tempt hungry bears:
      • Bird feeders
      • Dirty grills
      • Trash or smelly garbage cans
      • Compost piles
      • Ripening fruits
      • Pet food
      • Backyard chickens (we hope you do not have any!)
    • We want to live in harmony with these magnificent creatures but getting too friendly or offering reasons to hang around can only lead to bad things happening to you, your property or the visiting bear. Be BearWise and we’ll  all live together happily.

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  • Covenants
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