Covenants and Restrictions

Overview of Covenants and Restrictions for Sassafras Mountain Estates 

The following is an overview of the general Covenants and Restrictions that are applicable to lots within Sassafras Mountain Estates. It has been developed by Board of Directors of the Sassafras Mountain Estates Property Owners Association and is intended for use as a quick reference guide for current and prospective owners. It is not a substitute for the general Covenants and Restrictions, which govern in the event of a conflict with this overview. Owners are encouraged to refer to the original Covenants and Restrictions and review those Covenants with their contractor prior to commencing any construction. In addition, property owners are subject to the subdivision requirements of Pickens or Dawson County, which are subject to change without notice. Except where the applicable county subdivision requirements are more restrictive, the general Covenants and Restrictions will control. 

Application: The covenants and restrictions apply to all Lots and structures located in Sassafras Mountain Estates whether or not the property owner is a member of the Property Owners Association. 

Restriction of Use: Single Family only. Sales office permitted but no trade or business shall be conducted, maintained, licensed or allowed to exist on any Lot. 

Re-subdivision of Property: No Lot may be split, divided, or subdivided that results in a lot size of less than 5 acres. Subdivision requires approval of the Board of the Property Owners Association. 

Building Setback Requirements: No structure shall be nearer than 100 feet from centerline of any road nor nearer than 40 feet to the side or rear property lines. 

Building Restrictions: One residence minimum of 1,000 square feet per Lot. Floor area of any residence; exclusive of porches, garages and basements, shall not be less than 1,000 square feet of heated space. Concrete blocks are permitted only if covered with brick veneer, stone or stucco. 

Every structure shall be built on a concrete slab or masonry foundation covered in brick veneer, stone or stucco. Log homes are permitted. Pitched roofs shall be of asphalt composition, wood, metal or slate. 

Wells and Septic Systems: All wells and septic systems should be constructed in compliance with applicable county / state governing regulations and applicable public health authority. Septic systems must be maintained in good condition so that its use shall not constitute a nuisance to any other owner. 

Erosion Control: Appropriate erosion control should be used during construction. Proper erosion control measures required for any clearing, grading or other construction activity in accordance with county / state erosion control regulations. The elevation of any Lot shall not be changed so to materially affect the surface elevation or grade or drainage of the surrounding lots or roads. 

Trees: A minimal number of trees should be removed. No tree having a diameter of six (6) inches or more (measured from a point two feet above the ground) and located within the building set back lines shall be removed from any Lot unless required for construction of the residence or driveway. 

Temporary Structures: No temporary structures are allowed. No mobile homes, modular homes, trailers or any other structure of temporary character shall be used on any lot for any time as a residence temporarily or permanently. 

Construction and Maintenance: The exterior of residences and other structures must be completed within one year. 

Mailboxes: All mailboxes shall be attractive and in keeping with the decorum of the residences. 

Signs: No signs whatsoever shall be displayed on any Lot or structure visible from the exterior. Exceptions include legal proceedings, for sale or rent or directional for vehicle or pedestrian safety. 

Fences: Fences should be decorative such as picket or split rail. No chain link or barbed wire fences shall be erected on any Lot within the limits of any building setback lines. 

Clotheslines, Garbage Cans, Equipment etc.: All clotheslines, garbage cans, fuel tanks, air conditioning and heating equipment shall be adequately screened from view. 

Maintenance: Each owner shall keep and maintain each Lot and structure owned by him in good, neat and attractive condition. This includes painting, staining and caring for all buildings; seeding, watering and mowing of all lawns; pruning and trimming of all trees, hedges and shrubbery; boats, trailers, campers and other items that would deface the property shall be parked or placed in a manner as to not be visible from the street. Lots shall be kept free of any debris; junk; automobiles in disrepair, or other items that would detract from the appearance of the Lot. 

Non-discrimination: There will be no discrimination on a basis of race, color, religion, sex, age or national origin. 

Animals: No animals, livestock or poultry of any kind shall be raised, bred or kept on any Lot. Up to 3 mature dogs or 3 mature cats may be kept if they are not raised or bred for commercial purposes. Lot owners may maintain up to 1 horse per 2.5 acres up to a maximum of 10 provided that the horses are not kept or bred for any commercial purpose. Animals must be confined to said Lot and not be allowed to roam free. Structures for housing and keeping of such animals shall be finished with quality materials and in harmony architecturally with the residence on the Lot. Each owner is responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of any animal area and waste. 

Hunting and Trapping: Hunting add trapping of wild animals, fowl and game for the purposes of sport and/or recreation is prohibited. The discharge of firearms and/or bows and arrows within the development shall not be allowed. 

Solid Waste: No person shall dump rubbish, garbage, or any other form of solid waste on any Lot or other portion or the Property. Except during approved construction and as approved by the appropriate governmental authority, no person shall burn any rubbish, garbage, or any other form of solid waste on any Lot or other portion of the Property. Except for building materials employed during the course of construction, no lumber, metals or bulk material shall be kept or stored on any Lot. 

Nuisances: No noxious or offensive activity shall be carried on upon any Lot. 

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